Monday, July 28, 2008

Lovers vs Perfection

Ponkiboi’s mom beckoned on him one day; looked at him for a long while, then muttered: “you do know there’s no perfect woman, don’t you? You’ll have to settle for one, some day. Just find a good gal and it’ll be ok.” Like many men & women, my entire life has been spent (since graduation, actually) searching for d perfect mate, even though I am not the perfect man. Okay, I admit Ponkiboi has moments when he feels close to perfection but, doesn’t everyone have these ego-filled moments? I ‘v been flawed as a kid by movies like “ Coming To America” & “Titanic” or “The Ghost” , where love is so palpable and strong, you just know it’ll last for ever. Even till this day, needless to say I’m a sucker for romantic comedies & fictions.

Somewhere in your heart, you know relationships are a bit more complicated than the film script makes it to be, but one hopes, longs for with all one’s being, and believes that one will find one’s own snow white. Some perfect beauty,a Jada Pinkett or a Kate Henshaw, or an Halle Berry, beautiful inside & out, who’ll love us as we are, and accept us with all our foibles. She’ll not throw tantrums or go into a huff when we can’t afford to buy her a diamond ring (her papa is super rich for her to be troubled by mundane stuffs). Her mom will be beautiful, kind woman, accepting us as we are. In the cases of women who have these innate desires, the man of their dreams has the peculiarities of an Adonis, sculpted to perfection. He has the intelligence of an “Archimedesor Galileo” and the sense of humor of "Will Smith or Eddie Murphy".

Humanity always has its flaws however, no matter how beautiful the packaging is, and the true definition of love might be the acceptance of another, with all his or her flaws and a willingness not to try to exert our own ideals upon this person.

So, I paid attention to mi mom, the woman who had been the vessel chosen to bring Ponkiboi to this world but still, I dint follow her advice. Should the quest for the perfect mate ever be considered a mission impossible? Should we ever allow that dream to be taken from us?

It’s part of what makes life so much fun & absolute bliss, I suppose - The search for the perfect mate. This mate doesn’t exist, by the way, and there is no absolute certainty, no matter how far u go in search of El-Dorado, but the search can be a wonderful thing. For the perverse-minded, I’m not talking of a life of philandering and hopping from bed to bed. What I’m saying here is, the eye you catch looking at u, as u turn a corner in your car or that person u know might never have a chance to say hello to as he or she walks down the walkway, but who with a tilt of the head as she or he stands waiting for the elevators tell the story of your life or even that fellow who shares in your burdens & as well as in your aspirations and sees some value in you.

So, for those who’ll continue the search for the phantom lover, who lives only in our dreams, we must remember that dreams tend to dissolve like clouds under the heat of the noon-day sun, and for all those who have woken up during the night & desperately tried to hold on to the bag of gold they discovered by the roadside or the wonderful partner they met while strolling, I tell them one thing, life can be hard.

Still, there are people who exist, almost close to our own idea of perfection, whose shortcomings do not disturb us. They’re out there somewhere and here’s wishing you come across your “Dream mate”, who’ll take on human form & totally accept for who you are as well. Dreams can come true. HOPEFULLY!!! Laters.


Eb the Celeb said...

here here!

Anonymous said...

I love dreams...and I hope mine come true!

First time are you?

Tayo said...

Peeps, you wont just belifve my dream has finally come true...this happened 2years ago. Exactly 2years after this article was posted....real reason i've not updated my posts. I hope & pray yours come to pass too if you're still searching.