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Finally The Hidden Truth About Fuel Subsidy Comes OutTruth About Fuel Subsidy Comes ...

Olu Famous Blog: Finally The Hidden Truth About Fuel Subsidy Comes ...: No doubt, many Nigerians have not seen the facts about fuel subsidy this clearer before: On December 10, 2011, if you stopped at the Mobi...

No doubt, many Nigerians have not seen the facts about fuel subsidy this clearer before: On December 10, 2011, if you stopped at the Mobil filling station on Old Aba Road in Port Harcourt , you would be able to buy a litre of petrol for 65 naira or $1.66 per gallon at an exchange rate of $1/N157 and 4 litres per gallon. This is the official price.

The government claims that this price would have been subsidized at...
N73/litre and that the true price of a litre of petrol in Port Harcourt is N138/litre or $3.52 per gallon.

They are therefore determined to remove their subsidy and sell the gallon at $3.52. But, On December 10, 2011, if you stopped at the Mobil Gas station on E83rd St and Flatlands Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, USA, you would be a able to buy a gallon of petrol for $3.52/gallon. Both gallons of petrol would have been refined from Nigerian crude oil. The only difference would be that the gallon in New York was refined in a US North East refinery from Nigerian crude exported from the Qua Iboe Crude Terminal in Nigeria while the Port Harcourt gallon was either refined in Port Harcourt or imported.

The idea that a gallon of petrol from Nigerian crude oil cost the same in New York as in Port Harcourt runs against basic economic logic. Hence, Nigerians suspect that there is something irrational and fishy about such pricing. What they (Nigerians) would like to know is the exact cost of 1 litre of petrol in Nigeria.

We will answer this question in the simplest economic terms despite the attempts of the Nigerian government to muddle up the issue. What is the true cost of a litre of petrol in Nigeria? The Nigerian government has earmarked 445,000 barrel per day throughput for meeting domestic refinery products demands. These volumes are not for export. They are public goods reserved for internal consumption.

We will limit our analysis to this volume of crude oil. At the refinery gate in Port Harcourt, the cost of a barrel of Qua Iboe crude oil is made up of the finding /development cost ($3.5/bbl) and a production/storage /transportation cost of $1.50 per barrel.

Thus, at $5 per barrel, we can get Nigerian Qua Iboe crude to the refining gates at Port Harcourt and Warri. One barrel is 42 gallons or 168 litres. The price of 1 barrel of petrol at the Depot gate is the sum of the cost of crude oil, the refining cost and the pipeline transportation cost.

Refining costs are at $12.6 per barrel and pipeline distribution cost are $1.50 per barrel. The Distribution Margins (Retailers, Transporters, Dealers, Bridging Funds, Administrative charges etc) are N15.49/litre or $16.58 per barrel. The true cost of 1 litre of petrol at the Mobil filling station in Port Harcourt or anywhere else in Nigeria is therefore ($5 +$12.6+$1.5+$16.6) or $35.7 per barrel . This is equal to N33.36 per litre compared to the official price of N65 per litre. Prof. Tam David West is right. There is no petrol subsidy in Nigeria. Rather the current official prices are too high. Let us continue with some basic energy economics.

The government claims we are currently operating our refineries at 38.2% efficiency. When we refine a barrel of crude oil, we get more than just petrol. If we refine 1 barrel (42 gallons) of crude oil, we will get 45 gallons of petroleum products. The 45 gallons of petroleum products consist of 4 gallons of LPG, 19.5 gallons of Gasoline, 10 gallons of Diesel, 4 gallons of Jet Fuel/Kerosene, 2.5 gallons of Fuel Oil and 5 gallons of Bottoms. Thus, at 38.2% of refining capacity, we have about 170,000 bbls of throughput refined for about 13.26 million litres of petrol, 6.8 million litres of diesel and 2.72 million litres of kerosene/jet fuel.

This is not enough to meet internal national demand. So, we send the remaining of our non-export crude oil volume (275,000 barrels per day) to be refined abroad and import the petroleum product back into the country. We will just pay for shipping and refining. The Nigerian government exchanges the 275,000 barrels per day with commodity traders (90,000 barrels per day to Duke Oil, 60,000 barrels per day to Trafigura (Puma Energy), 60,000 barrels per day to Societe Ivoirienne de Raffinage (SIR) in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and 65,000 barrels per days to unknown sources) in a swap deal.

The landing cost of a litre of petrol is N123.32 and the distribution margins are N15.49 according to the government. The cost of a litre is therefore (N123.32+N15.49) or N138.81 . This is equivalent to $3.54 per gallon or $148.54 per barrel. In technical terms, one barrel of Nigerian crude oil has a volume yield of 6.6% of AGO, 20.7% of Gasoline, 9.5% of Kerosene/Jet fuel, 30.6% of Diesel, 32.6% of Fuel oil / Bottoms when it is refined.

Using a netback calculation method, we can easily calculate the true cost of a litre of imported petrol from swapped oil. The gross product revenue of a refined barrel of crude oil is the sum of the volume of each refined product multiplied by its price. Domestic prices are $174.48/barrel for AGO, $69.55/barrel for Gasoline (PMS or petrol), $172.22/barrel for Diesel Oil, $53.5/barrel for Kerosene and $129.68/barrel for Fuel Oil. Let us substitute the government imported PMS price of $148.54 per barrel for the domestic price of petrol/gasoline.

Our gross product revenue per swapped barrel would be (174.48*0.066 +148.54*0.207+172.22*0.306+ 53.5*0.095+129.68*0.326) or $142.32 per barrel. We have to remove the international cost of a barrel of Nigerian crude oil ($107 per barrel) from this to get the net cost of imported swapped petroleum products to Nigerian consumers. The net cost of swapped petroleum products would therefore be $142.32 -$107 or $35.32 per barrel of swapped crude oil. This comes out to be a net of $36.86 per barrel of petrol or N34.45 per litre.

This is the true cost of a litre of imported swapped petrol and not the landing cost of N138 per litre claimed by the government. The pro-subsidy Nigerian government pretends the price of swapped crude oil is $0 per barrel (N0 per litre) while the resulting petroleum products is $148.54 per barrel (N138 per litre). The government therefore argues that the “subsidy” is N138.81-N65 or N73.81 per litre.

But, if landing cost of the petroleum products is at international price ($148.54 per barrel), then the take-off price of the swapped crude oil should be at international price ($107 per barrel). This is basic economic logic outside the ideological prisms of the World Bank. The traders/petroleum products importers and the Nigerian government are charging Nigerians for the crude oil while they are getting it free.

So let us conclude this basic economic exercise. If the true price of 38.2% of our petrol supply from our local refinery is N33.36/litre and the remaining 61.8% has a true price of N34.45 per litre, then the average true price is (0.382*33.36+0.618*34.45) or N34.03 per litre. The official price is N65 per litre and the true price with government figures is about N34 per litre (even with our moribund refineries).

There is therefore no petrol subsidy. Rather, there is a high sales tax of 91.2% at current prices of N65 per litre. The labor leaders meeting the President should go with their economists. They should send economists and political scientists as representatives to the Senate Committee investigating the petroleum subsidy issue. There are many expert economists and political scientists in ASUU who will gladly represent the view of the majority. The labor leaders should not let anyone get away with the economic fallacy that the swapped oil is free while its refined products must be sold at international prices in the Nigerian domestic market.

The government should explain at what price the swapped crude oil was sold and where the money accruing from these sales have been kept. We have done this simple economic analysis of the Nigerian petroleum products market to show that there is no petrol subsidy what so ever. In the end, this debate on petrol subsidy and the attempt of the government to transfer wealth from the Nigerian masses to a petrol cabal will be decided in the streets.

Nigerian workers, farmers, students, market women, youths, unemployed, NGO and civil society as a whole should prepare for a long harmattan season of protracted struggle. They should not just embark on 3 days strike/protests after which the government reduces the hiked petroleum prices by a few Nairas. They must embark upon in a sustainable struggle that will lead to fundamental changes. Let us remove our entire political subsidy from the government and end this petroleum products subsidy debate once and for all. It is time to bring the Arab Spring south.

This piece was written by Izielen Agbon Izielen Agbon
He writes from Dallas, Texas.
He is former HOD, Petroleum Engineering Dept, former ASUU chairman, University of Ibadan,
trained many operators in nation’s energy industry with practical experience on
our practices and policy focus in the last 20yrs.

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can u figure?

Golden Dicky..............hmmmm, innovations.

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Lovers vs Perfection

Ponkiboi’s mom beckoned on him one day; looked at him for a long while, then muttered: “you do know there’s no perfect woman, don’t you? You’ll have to settle for one, some day. Just find a good gal and it’ll be ok.” Like many men & women, my entire life has been spent (since graduation, actually) searching for d perfect mate, even though I am not the perfect man. Okay, I admit Ponkiboi has moments when he feels close to perfection but, doesn’t everyone have these ego-filled moments? I ‘v been flawed as a kid by movies like “ Coming To America” & “Titanic” or “The Ghost” , where love is so palpable and strong, you just know it’ll last for ever. Even till this day, needless to say I’m a sucker for romantic comedies & fictions.

Somewhere in your heart, you know relationships are a bit more complicated than the film script makes it to be, but one hopes, longs for with all one’s being, and believes that one will find one’s own snow white. Some perfect beauty,a Jada Pinkett or a Kate Henshaw, or an Halle Berry, beautiful inside & out, who’ll love us as we are, and accept us with all our foibles. She’ll not throw tantrums or go into a huff when we can’t afford to buy her a diamond ring (her papa is super rich for her to be troubled by mundane stuffs). Her mom will be beautiful, kind woman, accepting us as we are. In the cases of women who have these innate desires, the man of their dreams has the peculiarities of an Adonis, sculpted to perfection. He has the intelligence of an “Archimedesor Galileo” and the sense of humor of "Will Smith or Eddie Murphy".

Humanity always has its flaws however, no matter how beautiful the packaging is, and the true definition of love might be the acceptance of another, with all his or her flaws and a willingness not to try to exert our own ideals upon this person.

So, I paid attention to mi mom, the woman who had been the vessel chosen to bring Ponkiboi to this world but still, I dint follow her advice. Should the quest for the perfect mate ever be considered a mission impossible? Should we ever allow that dream to be taken from us?

It’s part of what makes life so much fun & absolute bliss, I suppose - The search for the perfect mate. This mate doesn’t exist, by the way, and there is no absolute certainty, no matter how far u go in search of El-Dorado, but the search can be a wonderful thing. For the perverse-minded, I’m not talking of a life of philandering and hopping from bed to bed. What I’m saying here is, the eye you catch looking at u, as u turn a corner in your car or that person u know might never have a chance to say hello to as he or she walks down the walkway, but who with a tilt of the head as she or he stands waiting for the elevators tell the story of your life or even that fellow who shares in your burdens & as well as in your aspirations and sees some value in you.

So, for those who’ll continue the search for the phantom lover, who lives only in our dreams, we must remember that dreams tend to dissolve like clouds under the heat of the noon-day sun, and for all those who have woken up during the night & desperately tried to hold on to the bag of gold they discovered by the roadside or the wonderful partner they met while strolling, I tell them one thing, life can be hard.

Still, there are people who exist, almost close to our own idea of perfection, whose shortcomings do not disturb us. They’re out there somewhere and here’s wishing you come across your “Dream mate”, who’ll take on human form & totally accept for who you are as well. Dreams can come true. HOPEFULLY!!! Laters.

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of marriage and validation

Of marriage and the need for validation

Whenever I speak to girls and even married women, talking about marriage and the individual’s need for validation has always cropped up. This is so, I realised, because a lot of girls and women in our society feel lost or inadequate without marriage. For most of them, it does not matter what they may have achieved ordinarily: as long as they are not married, they are not yet validated.
Then for the married, it does not matter what they may have missed, failed to do or even did below average: once they are married, they have paid their dues to the society. And, thank Goodness they are also able to produce children – male and female, mind you – all is well and they can be forgiven every one of their sins.

I have also spoken to boys (not men, yet). Not quite surprising, discussing marriage usually never comes up because that is about the last thing on their minds. When most of them are still in the higher institutions, there is not much pressure on them to marry. Rather, everyone is waiting for the day they will graduate and begin to bring in the "big dough". Thus, their own pressure is of a different kind and something I’ll talk about another day.

I know I’m treading on very delicate ground here but I’ll say what I know to be the truth: Marriage does not validate any individual, male or female. The earlier one believes this, the better for one. Though, its important for procreation & a host of other good reasons.

I would not be discussing this topic today but for a piece of advice given to some graduating students; this advice was given by no less a personage than a man of God, so, given in good faith. Last week, the Nigerian Federation of Catholic Students (NFCS) of a 9IJA University were bidding farewell to their graduating members.

During speech time, part of what the chief chaplain of the parish, one Rev. Fr. , told the graduating students was this: "For you girls, I want to tell you that most of you here have completed your spinsterhood because any moment from now you will go into marriage; but for you boys, this is where your bachelorhood starts".

I believe that the advice was well-intended but, pray, tell me, why would the girls among his listeners who are yet to be "hooked" not do all they can to get married before they are discarded as "too old"? Would we have any reason to blame them for being desperate for marriage?

Remember that most of them would have been receiving the "eye" (funny but irritating gestures and even outright questions on when the clinking of glasses would be) from parents and older relatives for at least a couple of years by now; add to it a pontifical pronouncement such as this and you would have a perfect scenario for "marriage desperadoes".

When I was an undergraduate, girls made statements like: "I must marry before I graduate, if not I would flunk courses", "If I don’t marry by the time I finish youth service, I don’t know where to stay because my mother has made it clear that I would not be coming to share her husband (the girl’s father) with her". I hear they say and plot intriguing strategies these days, just to hook a husband. These are girls in their early twenties. And of course their classmates are not the targets; established traders, bankers and other professionals are. Things have changed o.

This is because they have also been raised to believe that the men are the sole breadwinners and their contributions in the homes are not needed. Another wrong notion, I dare add. If we go biblical, Genesis 1:27 - 28 says "God created man in His own image…. male and female He created them. God blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground.’ "

This means that the same charge was given to the man and the woman when it comes to being fruitful, increasing and subduing the earth. It means that, just as the man is expected to go out and work and impact the earth positively, so too is the woman. Just as the man is expected to leave a legacy, so too is the woman. Again, just as the man is not given a chieftaincy title just because he is married and has children, so too the woman is not eulogised simply for getting married and having children. If that were so, mad men and women would be made kings and queens because they too marry and are very prolific. See a mad woman protecting her child and you know that the sane person cannot give better protection given the same circumstances.

I am not saying that marriage is not good. Not at all; God instituted it and it is a beautiful thing, about the nearest thing to the relationship between Christ and the Church, as the Bible tells us. I am also not advocating that the husband and the wife are both captains in the house. Again, no way. Genesis 2: 18 tells us: "The LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him." Thus, the woman is a "helper" for her husband. Equally, wives are exhorted severally in Paul’s epistles to submit to their husbands.

My point here is that we must get out of the stereotypes where girls are railroaded into marriages and those "unfortunate" not to marry when we think they should are treated like outcasts. Many women have lost their sense of direction and, some I know, their sanity because they turned 40 and were still single. Many have taken baths in about all the rivers and beaches in their villages and Lagos, undertaken 121 days fasting "on the mountain", handed over their savings to unscrupulous "prophets" and "prayer-warriors", and done worse to attract the "elusive" husband (read validation). You would probably think I’m making it up if I told you about a particular case which was brought to me by two girls aged 24 and 25 who were desperate for marriage. There is no space for the story here but suffice it to say that ridiculous exertions are not the exclusive preserve of older singles, undergraduates too seem even more desperate.

Why not? They have been told and made to believe that marriage validates them. There are some who can afford to get a masters degree but would not do so in order not to scare the would-be husband. Among the workers, those who can afford cars will not buy but as soon as the husband appears, they buy him land cruisers; those who can live in decent places will not do so; they would rather manage "one room" or squat with relations. God, do we know what we do to our women?

Because our girls are not taught to know that they are first and foremost individuals, they tend to become nuisances to their husbands. They work but rather than invest their savings wisely, they channel them into frivolous things and soon waste everything. Ditto for the one involved in petty trading; she would never behave like an entrepreneur with vision. Our girls and women are rarely focused as individuals.

Sadly, when tragedy strikes and the man is no more, the family usually experiences nothing short of a total catharsis in terms of lifestyle: cars(s) are sold, accommodation is lost or changed to something cheaper, children are moved to cheaper schools while madam’s jeweleries are sold. In even sadder cases, she loses husband’s properties to thieving friends and relatives who usually know much more about the man’s affairs than she does.

While I was writing this, a mail came in from a cousin. She really was "in the spirit" because she was talking about another friend who lost an elder brother. The guy was 40 and had just finished a game of squash with friends when he slumped and that was it. She did not bother with details of what happened but from the tidbit she sent me, I can well imagine what the scenario looks like right now. Hear her advice to young girls and women (she wrote: those who are planning to marry and those already married):

"I lost my father the year I entered the university and I know the trauma my mother went through before, during and after my father’s burial, as well as the extra hard work she had to undergo in other to make sure all five children continued to live a decent life, and went to university. All this was possible because she was always a hardworking businesswoman, by God’s grace.

"(M)y advice for all women: please have a source of livelihood that will financially and intellectually support your husband, children and yourself, even if you feel you do not need to work for financial reasons. This will leave a lasting legacy especially for your daughters and stand you in good stead in case of any eventualities."

What more can I add? Girls, you were not sent here just to marry and breed children. There is something else in you; discover it and run with it. But we can’t do it alone; we need the help and support of parents, priests and alfas, and of course, those of our men – the husbands and the husbands-to-be. tory neva finish o.........Ciao.

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Folks, i'm not sure i av found the true woman. I'm still in the woods...ok. Surely, i'll furnish you with the low down weneva, it clicks. I hope & pray i find one. Tanx 4d patience.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Long Distance Lovers

I've been seeing my girlfriend for about 19 months now. During that time we've spent a lot of time apart as my job takes me all over the states. During one of our frequent late night telephone conversations after I just showered and was laying on my bed, we got talking about how much we missed each other. I told her I couldn't wait to get my hands on her when she came over to visit next week. She started asking what I was going to do to her. This really turned me on and I became rock hard.

I proceeded to grab my cock, pulling hard whilst I told her I was gonna throw her naked on the bed, and start licking from her feet upwards to her hot wet pussy, where I'd run the length of my tongue over her swollen clit. I could hear her say how wet she was right now and that she was stroking her pussy and it felt like I was there. I then told her that I was going to climb up over her and slip my tongue into her mouth so that she could taste her own juices. I could hear her breath on the telephone as she kept repeating "oh yeah, oh yeah" as I repeatedly told her how I was going to fuck her with my big hard cock. I heard her breathless moans build until she said "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum" and she let out a series of loud moans at which point I shot all over my chest.

Pretty shocked at what had just happened we laughed over the phone and she told me that she had been wanting to do that for a long time! I'd certainly recommend it for long distance lovers.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Actin Partner

I was in Abuja (Nigeria's capital) participating in some environmental workshops there. I met a girl named Hadiza who was originally from Kaduna but I guess had come from Jos. I was immediately attracted to her as she had a gorgeous face, long and silky brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a knockout body. We did some presentations together through the workshop and hit it off right away.

One day after the class was over, I was in the hotel room getting changed and she walked in to grab some seminar materials since she was presenting that week. Her eyes widened when she saw me there in my boxers and then she blushed a bit and turned away but I could see she liked what she saw.

Fast forward two weeks to the end of the workshop and everyone was getting trashed at a farewell party and we ran into each other. She looked AMAZING in a black tube top and tight leather pants and she was also slightly intoxicated, but not flat-out drunk. We started dancing and she turned and slid her ass back against my pelvis as I had my hands on her hips. I could feel myself getting aroused as I turned her back around and pressed her firmly to my chest and I could feel her breasts heaving against me as she breathed. We started to rock slowly from side to side and I brought my hands down over her ass and pulled her in even tighter as we danced and her hands slid down my chest and then grabbed my ass in return before wrapping her arms around my neck as she brought her face up closer to mine.

"I've wanted you since I saw you in the room," she whispered into my ear.
I felt her tongue flick into my ear for an instant and I was immediately as hard as a rock.
It didn't take long for us to get to her room where the dancing continued. What started as a slow disrobing turned into us ripping the clothes off each other as we fell to the bed and she kissed me deeply, her tongue sliding against mine. I leaned down and took her breast in my mouth as she moaned loudly and then she slid down the whole length of my body and took my cock into her mouth.

I thought I was going to lose it right then as nothing ever felt so good but she was soon back up and had her legs wrapped tightly around my hips as I fought to get the condom on and then plowed into her with everything I had. Her nails raked my spine as I pounded in and out and then ran my tongue up and down her throat and across her lips.

I pulled out and then ate her out as she pulled my mouth even tighter against her pussy and screamed my name, sending me totally over the edge as I entered her again and we ground our hips together. Sweat was pouring off of our bodies and our moans got louder and louder until I thrust into her and had the most mind numbing orgasm of my life.

Even after I came, she was still rocking back and forth into my dick as it started softening and then she came herself, covering the bedsheet with her juices as she wrapped me in an embrace and we kissed. We laid there for a while and dozed for a few hours and then we had sex again when we woke up and I will always remember her as the absolute fuck of.............. hold on!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman as the most dangerous plaything..........I MEAN A TRUE WOMAN. Ps,feel my heartbeat in dx Poem.

Right na, I'm sick & tired of life & of hoppin..........dunno why i'v been so unlucky 2find d "Ms.Right" 4once. I know damn too well that i'm not a bad persom afterall, but i may have a problem reconciling my realities with my fantasies. What's right for one person may not be right for another. There are things that are important to me, that you don't care about at all!

I always try to improve my interpersonal relationships, realign my expectations towards others, and gain a better self-knowledge that will help me define and achieve goals.

Can somebody feel me?

WELL,TO MY ESTEEMED READERS : May the wind always be on your back and the sun upon your face and may the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.

Friday, February 15, 2008

pOsT vAlEnTiNe BlUeS

Loss Of Innocence – post valentine

Ah, Friday at last, nothing can go wrong. After work,I’was on my way to my cousin’s place collect my books and nothing can go wrong, unlike the Val’s Day that was uneventful for me. I dey vex...
Before i got there, I walked into The Shepherds and took my usual seat in a quiet corner and got my PS3 out of my bag.

I was shocked!!! I saw a girl I had a major crush on and who in my book was a very beautiful and sexy five foot, 7 inch goddess!!! I slowly walked over to her table and said hi (she came in wiv her friend). We talked for a few minutes and decided to gulp some liquor. Then she spoke, “Why don’t we meet at my apartment in about an hour, my roommates went home for the weekend and it will be quiet so we can get more familiar.” I replied “Sure.” Then she gave me her address and we left in our separate ways.

I arrived at her house and knocked on her door. She answered and I walked in. She was still wearing the same thing she did to the joint, a white blouse, a short black skirt, opaque white tights and black flats. It always seemed no matter what she wore, I always notice her. She told me to sit down in the living room and she said she would just be a minute, she just had to get off the phone. As she was sitting there, talking on the phone, I was absorbing her beauty. I carefully studied her legs, nice and thin, her beautiful breasts, her shiny blue eyes, and her soft flowing red hair.

She hung up the phone and walked back into the living room. She had a card table set up with several ,Ovation, The News and Time magazines on top, and two chairs, one on each side. We both sat down and began working. We scoured in the magazines for information on stocks & shares and the time seemed to fly. Two hours had passed. Karina got up and asked “Would you like Pepsi?” I said “Yea, I’m dying of thirst.” She went for the cokes and came back.

We sat on the couch and talked while drinking our cokes. We talked about street gossip, sports, etc. Then she said “Can I tell you a secret?” I said “Sure.” Then she said, “I’ve had a major crush on you since on your since the first day i saw you.” I blushed and replied that I also had a crush on her. We both were beet red!!! The she said, “Would you kiss me?” We leaned toward each other and kissed softly. We waited and kissed again. After a few more, we started to French. By this time, I was getting worked up and I think she was too. Next while we were kissing, I felt her hand rub my crotch softly over and over. The kiss broke and she kept rubbing.

She asked, “Do you like it?” I croaked, “Yes.” Then she slowly grabbed my pants snap and said, “May I?” Before I could answer, she undid my jeans and put her hand underneath my underwear rubbing my cock. Then she grabbed my cock and started to give me a hand job. After a few strokes, she stopped and we kissed.

Then she asked, “Would you like to see my breasts?” I slowly started to unbutton her blouse and saw her breasts start to peak out. I was having a hard time getting her shirt free from her skirt, so she stood up and removed her skirt. When she sat back down I finished unbuttoning her blouse. As I was unbuttoning the last few buttons on the bottom of her blouse, I noticed that the crotch of her tights was wet. I slowly moved the blouse away from her breasts. I cupped her breasts with my hands. Her aureoles were about the size of a quarter and her nipples were hard and firm. I brushed a finger over each nipple and she let out a soft moan.

I kept rubbing her nipples and pinched them and she replied with a pleasure filled moan. She leaned over and kissed me. This kiss was longer than the previous ones. While we kissed, I became daring and removed my hand from her breast and placed it between her legs. I then slowly rubbed her vagina lips through the lyca covering. With every stroke, her tights were becoming more and more wet. With this, she couldn’t keep up the kiss and and moaned ever so quietly.

Then she looked in my eyes and said, “Do you want to…..” I, also caught up in this, stupidly replied, “Do what?” She then said “Do you want to go all the way with me?” My heart began to beat madly, and I then replied “Yes, but I don’t have any protection?” She then said “Don’t worry, I’ve been on the pill since my first period, My doctor gave them to me to ease my periods.” She softly took my hand and we walked slowly to her bedroom. When we got to her room, we kissed and stared into my eyes. She then said “Please be careful?” I then said, “Are you a virgin?” She replied yes and and I told her I was a virgin too......LMAO.

Then I slowly removed her blouse. She then helped me take my shirt off and promptly kneeled on the floor. She slowly removed my pants and underwear. She then began licking my shaft and then she took my whole cock into her mouth. She began to give me my blow job. I felt a buildup in my cock and she stopped sucking me. She stood up and we kissed. I slowly laid her down on the bed. I slowly climbed on top and we kissed. It was a very long passionate kiss. Then I began to kiss her neck and kissed downward. When I got to her breasts I took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked it, making her moan with pleasure.

I then switched to the other nipple and sucked it, making her moan again. I then started to kiss downward again . When I got to the elastic of her tights, I took hold of it with my hand and began tO pull them down. I placed her feet on my shoulders and began to move upward, kissing her beautiful legs. When I got to her pussy, I slowly extended my tongue and began licking her vagina lips. The smell started to make me lick like a madman and she began to buck a little and moan. I then put my tongue in her vagina and began to lick inside.

When my tongue touched her clit. she almost jumped. I kept licking her clit and and she began to moan more and more. I left her vagina and started to kiss back up to her breasts. As I began to suck her nipples once again, I noticed that my cock kept lightly brushing against her vaginal lips. That and me sucking on her nipples made her go wild. She was in such ecstasy. She then said, “Put your cock in me and fuck me!!!!!!!” She didn’t have to ask twice. I slowly inserted my cock into her vagina. She began to cringe as if in pain, so I stopped.

She said, “Don’t worry, I want it.” I pushed in a little farther and I felt her hymen break. Within a few minutes, I was fucking her with long fast strokes. It seemed I couldn’t do it fast enough to keep up with her. She kept saying, “Fuck me harder, Fuck me faster.” I couldn’t stand the way her vaginal walls would squeeze my cock.

I wasn’t sure if I could hold on for much longer. Her vagina was hot and tight, and my cock felt as it was burning up. I tried to hold on but I couldn’t any longer. I told her “I’m going to cum, I cant hold it anymore!!!” She replied, “I’m cumming too, fuck me, fill me!!” A few more strokes and I couldn’t hold on any longer. I told her, I’m cumming….” She then said “Fill me, Fill me with your cum!!!!” With that, she orgasmed and then I felt my cock beginning to fill her. I then kissed her on the lips and took my cock out of her vagina. I moved next to her on her bed and held her in my arms. We both fell asleep, her in my arms.

I woke up with someone sucking my cock. I didn’t stir, I just laid there. She kept sucking me and I came, filling her mouth. She looked up at me and said “Its time to get to work” We both got dressed. When I was leaving, we kissed and she said she had a present for me. She handed me her white opaque tights that she was wearing. She then said “Take these until next time. The smell will remind you of me. With that, I gave her a long passionate kiss and I went home.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Val's Day


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Doing Laundry

I had just finished toiling over my dirty clothes at the laundrycare, and had piled my stuff together to take home. I live only a few blocks away, and usually walk when it is as nice outside as it was last night.

I must have looked like I was overloaded, carrying my laundry, because a car pulled over next to me. “Do you want a ride?” said the girl behind the seat of the purple VW Bug. Well, who am I to say no, right? So I got in her car. “Thanks,” I said, not thinking of much else appropriate at the time. She said, “I’m Gina –where are we going?”

I gave her my address and of course within moments we had arrived. Gina asked if she could help carry anything. Well, it seemed to me like she was already carrying herself really well. Pretty face, sandy blond hair, a white t-shirt and denim mini-skirt, she looked pretty nice, looked like one of those rig ladies. But, who am I to say no, right? So she carried a few of my shirts.

Walking up the stairs, I could have sworn I didn’t see any panties under- neath her skirt, not that I was looking or anything. Hmmmm…… Well, we got into my apartment and she set my stuff down.“There you go.” Not thinking of much else to say at the moment, but wanting to leave things open, I said, “Thanks. What can I do to thank you?”

Well, if her nipples swelling under her t-shirt weren’t enough of a give- a way, she said, “I’m sure you can think of something.” And with that her eyes made their way down to my crotch. This having been laundry night, I was just wearing a t-shirt and running shorts….shorts that by now weren’t doing a very good job of concealing a hard-on.

As her eyes returned to mine, she suddenly embraced me with a passionate kiss. As her tongue probed my mouth, I thought again, well, who am I to say no, right? This might be fun. And I returned the thought with as much enthusiasm as I could muster.

As my hands wandered her body, I discovered quickly that my earlier observation had been correct–no underwear of any form. This girl had obviously had something in mind when she stopped her car. Fine with me.
Soon I had removed what clothes she was wearing, and stopped to admire her 36C breasts with huge nipples.

The rest of her body was mighty nice, too. I really wanted to suck her breasts, but she stopped me to remove my clothes first. Well, that didn’t take long either. And so there I was, standing in my apartment totally naked with a girl I had met just 10 minutes before. In fact, Port Harcourt dey hot o........

She was obviously studying my body, too. “9ija, huh?” she asked, my circumsized dick being probably the last clue anyone needs to figure that out about me. “Yup.” Gina replied,“Well, I hope my pussy is kosher, then!” With that, she dragged me to the bed, and motioned for me to lay down. Who am I to say no? I wasnt even considering that......for ur info.

She immediately mounted my face with her lucious pussy. I eagerly started to suck on her clitoris and anything else my tongue could reach. I lifted my hands up to feel her breasts, and they were as nice as I thought. Very perky. Gina started moaning, and started rubbing her clit as I ate her pussy. But as hot as I was, I wanted equal treatment. “Eat me” I commanded.

So Gina flipped around into 69 position, and immediately engulfed my .........inches. Nobody had ever deep throated me like she was doing before, and it certainly was a turn-on for both of us. I worried for a second that my slimy neighbor would hear our moans of passion and call the cops. But thoughts of the beautiful love box on my mouth brought me back to the more important reality of the situation.

Soon Gina’s moans got louder, and I knew it was time. With two words, she verified my thoughts: “Fuck me!” Fine with me

I got a condom out of my drawer (”Ribbed for her pleasure”), and quickly rolled it on. A few last laps at her snatch, and I was ready. She got back on the bed, and I teased her for a few seconds by not quite entering her. This got me a few moans, and the next time I started in I was forced from behind. This got a few moans from _both of us_.

I thrusted deeply and quickly, and soon Gina was obviously nearing orgasm. I started to nibble her ear, and this sent her over. Her moans were almost screams, and I was sure everyone else in the building could hear us now.

Boy, was I going to get some looks! And almost as quickly as her first orgasm subsided, she seemed to be building another. It was time for me as well, though Gina’s second seemed to be more important to her at the moment, the way her nails were digging into my back. And as she finished, she commanded “Now”, so I did. And suddenly, with one last thrust, it was over.

After a few minutes of recovery, Gina got up and put on what clothes she had with her. She wrote down her phone number, and said, “Next time you do laundry, give me a call!” I'm yet to recover.......Happy Valentine's day in advance!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

My love

Hello, love. I’ve been waiting so long for you, dreaming of you, imagining what you’d be like. It’s not good for the two of us not to be introduced, you know. So much left unsaid. So much left unanswered.

At any rate, I thought I’d take this opportunity to maybe fill in some of the blanks. I truly enjoy extended foreplay and long bouts of oral sex. In fact, the fantasies I’ve been having of you the past two days have centered on a full-body tongue bath, lots of kissing and sucking of your breasts, and hours of cunnilingus.

Since I’m very oral, I love all activities that allow me to be so. I’m also quite visual, so seeing you in sexy attire would REALLY turn me on. In fact, if you did a strip performance for me, I’d probably be unable to keep my hands off myself.

I believe that sex, like food, can be partaken on a subsistence level to a gourmet level, and the over-all quality of one’s sex life is determined by a mixture of romance, drama, sensuality and the xtraordinary.

I’ve been told I have an exceptional ability to please, but what does that mean? I’m sure there are also those who didn’t think I was so hot. I do know my greatest pleasure comes from pleasing, however, and I work diligently at it. And I’ve been told often enough that I have Magic Fingers that I now believe it.
I’m a romantic at heart, revel in sensuality and love eroticism. My mind is far and away my most erogenous zone, but that shouldn’t be news to you. The only kinky fantasies that have ever turned me off involved pain. All the rest interested or excited me, and many I’ve helped enact. I’d love to hear all of your secret desires.

For me,the journey and suspense toward orgasm is the best part of sex - far more important than orgasm itself, although that’s pretty good, too!

What would I do with you? A book would be required to say it all - or a couple of nights of communication. But let me pass on some ideas to wet your appetite - and the furry little nest of passion between your thighs.

How about a bubble bath for two with vanilla scented candles, soft music, fruit, cheese and champaigne to sip from the glass and lick from your breasts? How about cheese cake in a king-sized bed in a hotel suite? You’re naked under the sheets when the cute, young bell hop delivers. We could play two, insecure teenagers at the drive-in, sitting in the back seat of Dad’s Chevrolet, sharing a bottle of “smuggled” wine and furtive caresses.

Sex outdoors heightens the senses and provides the thrill of possible detection. (You know, all of what I’ve mentioned could be done with 2 or 3 people)

Slow dancing in the dark. Naked. Sultry saxaphone. Your scent. My breath. Your soft sighs. Your breasts caressing my hairy chest, our nipples touching. My cock wedged between your thighs. Maybe you’d like to have a girlfriend come up behind you to wrap you in a blanket of warm nakedness.

How about the classic Zipless Fuck? We meet on the top floor of aparking ramp. We embrace, make love quickly and passionately, then go our separate ways. No words spoken other than our cries of passion.

Or we meet for the first time at the door of a motel room. I answer your knock naked, or dressed only in my shorts. Or we could switch the roles. How would I find you dressed - or undressed?

Would you like to go to an X-rated movie theater dressed only in garter belt, nylons, heels and a long coat? We could play with each other throughout the movie. Maybe you’d like to have another man along. A man on each arm as we do the town.
Or maybe you’d like to rent an X-rated video that contains your special interests. I could bring my DVD to the room and eat you throughout the movie. Would you like to lay on a bed, reading an erotic book while I’m between your legs gobbling you up? We would both be detached and doing our own thing, yet still really pursuing pleasure together.
Maybe you’d like to be tied down and teased for hours. Or would you prefer to tie me up and do the same thing to me? Maybe you’d like to be a Queen, with me as your pleasure slave devoted to your entertainment. Your private sex toy to be used for your pleasure alone. Speaking of toys, I guezz u have several we could play with together.
Would you like to have someone secretly watch us from outside the room?Through a window? Hiding in a closet? Neither of us know he is there? You know, but I don’t? Or maybe you’d prefer to have me secretly watch instead. I’d love to watch you in the throes of passion. Would you like for me to join you later? I’m an accomplished amateur photographer. Would you like me to photograph your lovemaking for your album?

My one regret is we’ll only have one first time together. The anticipation and the uncertainty always adds so much to the scenario. I remember so many first times when the excitement came from the fact it was a first time. Should it be slow and romantic?

Dinner and drinks in a quiet restaurant. Our hands tentatively caressing under the table, then exploring, holding us both on the verge of orgasm. I remove my hand and lick your juices from my fingers while our eyes talk of their desire. We go to a room and embrace. Your breasts pressed to my chest.

My hardness pressed to your tummy. Kisses ony our lips, your cheeks, your neck, your ears while I slowly remove your clothes. Your blouse is off. Your skirt. Kisses on your shoulders. Your bra is gone. I stand back to admire your beauty. You cup your breasts and offer them to me. I bury my face in their fullness while I caress your back and pantied bottom. I lay you onthe bed and stop to remove your shoes.

Ah, your feet. Let me kiss them for awhile, my love. I promise to hold then firmly so as not to tickle, but let me lick and suck your toes. I want the electricity shooting up your legs to your pussy until your fingers slowly snake beneath your panties to caress yourself to orgasm while I excite your feet and watch.

Then I bury my face between your thighs, your musky aroma making me heady with passion. Licking and sucking you through your panties until we both yank them off in our impatience. Then to taste your sweet womanhood at last. To run my tongue through the folds of your sex. To take you once again to the cliffs and drop you. But of course, by this time,I’ll be beyond control with my own excitement. So we both strip my clothes off so I can penetrate you and drive us both to delirium.
Or should we add a touch of eroticism to it instead? A 'get acquainted' drink in the lounge before I draw a hot, sudsy bath for you. Alone, you disrobe and hide amidst the suds. I return, fully clothed, to talk or read erotic poetry by candlelight.

Ah yes, the romance; but here you are, naked in the tub, while a virtual stranger sits, fullydressed in the same room. As the suds recede, your breasts come slowly into view. Tantalizing. I lead you from the tub, dry you off, then lay you on your tummy on the bed. Stripped to my shorts, I begin to massage your naked body. It’s my special massage that first relaxes and soothes you, then heightens your skin sensations, then stimulates your erogenous zones, then spreads your sexual energy throughout your body, growing heavier and heavier with desire.

Finally, after an hour, I French you to an orgasm that is as intense at your fingertips as it is in your pussy.
What would I do with you? Give me 1000 nights, and I’ll also show you 1000 ways. I don’t think I could ever tire of thinking up new ways to turn the both of us on.

And you, my love. What are your interests? Did I give you an image you particularly enjoyed? Would you like more? Drop Ponkiboi a line and tell me more...........

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Special Occasion


Lady-D usually only let me bone her in the ass on special occasions, my birthday, Valentine’s Day, things like that. So when I came home and she was lying on the bed with a tube of lube, her ass already greased up and well fingered, I was kind of surprised, but I wasn’t about to turn it down. I took the lube and greased up my dick and slid it into her asshole. It usually took a while to work myself in to the balls, but she was pretty turned on and it was as easy as fucking her pussy.

Keeping my cock inside her ass, Lady-D moved up onto her hands and knees so I could slide even deeper inside her. She’s got a great cunt, but nothing compares to the incredible tight tunnel of her asshole. I slid back and forth, my balls getting wet from bumping against her slit, my cockhead throbbing each time I pushed forward. I didn’t last long, I was so turned on that I felt my balls rising after we’d only been fucking for a few minutes. I groaned and let my load spurt into her asshole, painting her bowels with my cum.

“Lick my ass,” Lady-D said, wiggling her butt in my face as I pulled my softening prick out of her asshole. She had never asked me to do that before, but I eagerly went to work, sliding my tongue into her anus and sucking out my cum. Her ass tasted slightly sweet in contrast to my salty cum. I wiggled my tongue inside her until she came as I rubbed her clit.

After that, it was back to regular sex for a while, and I had never figured out what the special occasion was. I came home from work one night a little early, and found Lady-D masturbating in bed. I’d walked in on her before, but this time instead of having her vibrator inside her pussy, it was deep inside her ass, buzzing away as she moaned.

As you can imagine, my dick got instantly hard as I watched her, but I didn’t know what to do. She opened her eyes and smiled at me. “Are you just going to stand there or are you going to fuck my ass?” she asked.

I was ready, I tore off my clothes and lay on top of her, kissing her and rubbing her tits, my hard cock bumping against her wet cunt. I could feel the vibrator buzzing inside her ass as my cockhead slid into her pussy. I fucked her like that, getting my cock nice and juicy, and then I went down on her. Lady-D moaned loudly as I licked her clit and the vibrator stimulated her ass. When she came, I pulled out the vibrator and plunged my prick into her ass.

The vibe had made her ass even hotter than usual, and it felt like warm liquid around my cock. I held her ankles as we fucked, Lady-D pushing back against me and begging me to give it to her harder and harder. I was loving every second of it, I was very happy she had finally really gotten into anal. “Come in my ass!” Lady -D begged, so Idid, thrusting forward and moving my hips in a circle as I emptied my boiling balls deep inside her asshole.

As she had last time, she asked me to tongue her ass, which I did happily, enjoying the taste of her cunt and her ass mixed with my cum. Now every time we have sex it’s a special occasion.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Filling in my own questionnaire

Filling in my own questionnaire
I thought I'd have a go at answering a few of the questions myself b4 i put my questions for you! I've received some delightful responses to dx questionnaire dx week on my email, and would still love to receive more - and I'm giving full replies to any emailed to me - so why not give it a go, I've done my best to make it fun for you to fill in )

Oh - and I haven't forgotten it's almost Valentine's Day - expect something a little special.......

Okay, here's my attempt at answering my own questions...

1. What’s your name? (feel free to just make one up - or if you’re a blogger, whatever you call yourself in your blog – just so I have an idea who said what.) Ponkiboi (that's not my real name).

2. Tell me a bit about yourself, if you want to (I'm curious about my readership). Be as vague or as detailed as you like, or feel free to leave it blank - it's entirely up to you. I'm Nigerian, and I'm a writer of disgracefully explicit erotica for men & women. I'm also hot )

3. Do you have a blog of your own? If so, feel free to tell me what it is if you want to, and I’ll link to you (assuming you want me to).You're reading it...

4. How did you find my blog? Googling? A link from somewhere? Recommended by a friend? I'd love to know.I created the blog, of course - though I originally stumbled across sex blogs through the now defunct 'Indecent Blogging', where the first version of this blog lived for a couple of years. I believe...

5. How often do you read my blog (roughly) – do you read every post? Or do you just dip in now and again? I don't often read my own blog (though I do read and enjoy others), but I do sometimes go back to old posts that I wrote a while ago. If someone emails me and tells me how much they enjoyed a specific post, or goes into detail about something they really enjoyed, I often check back to look at the post. Knowing how much one of you has enjoyed it gives the post an extra frisson of pleasure for me, so sometimes I'll just re-read them, other times I'll re-read them whilst imagining the reader masturbating to it... this can be very, very powerful for me sexually, and I've often reached delightful orgasm this way. It really does turn me on to know what you like )

6. Do you mostly enjoy what I write, or doesn’t it do much for you? I don't always find it easy to read my own work, as I tend to be over-critical about it, but at those times when I can switch that off, I can very much enjoy my own posts, when in the right mood.

7. What are your current favourites of the things I’ve written? (more than one if you like). Given a choice, I tend to like re-reading posts that feature some kind of fetish & bondage sex - anything from threesomes upwards. I also get a lot of pleasure re-reading the posts where you leave me your own fantasies - frequently still a source of delightful orgasm for me...

8. Why do you particularly like those stories? What excites you about them?I'm not very greedy, and love having one or two girl in my bed at a go. I've been lucky enough to have this pleasure a number of times in recent times, and it's some of the most intense sex I've had, so reading about such things always arouses me. As for the fantasies my readers write for me, it's impossible for me not to be turned on by reading sexual fantasies about me, I love reading them, and I think every one I've received has made me cum at some point - they're such a pleasure for me...

9. Which part really turned you on, specifically? With threesomes, I like watching, and I love the image of two girls going down on me at the same time. With the fantasies, it's too difficult to pick a specific thing - I just love knowing that the girls who wrote them were masturbating as they wrote them - sometimes all the way to orgasm - that excites me intensely.

10. Do you ever masturbate when you read my blog? As mentioned above, I don't often read my own posts, but when I do, I masturbate whilst reading, yes, every time.

11. If you answered ‘yes’ to question 11 (and most do), what was the last entry that inspired you to masturbate? ' Sarah' - Excapade at Bobby's b'day bash'' -'Idle tots' or Stranger than Fiction' which one.....

12. Did you reach orgasm? And if you did, what part of it made you come? Yes "Show it to me - show me your cock" whilst she's fucking me - something about the urgency of that, I started cumming at that point, a rather delicious, pulsing orgasm.

13. Is there anything you’d really love me to write about – something that would really work for you, and really turn you on? I get a lot of requests for outdoor sex and sex in risky public places - I'll be covering the second one in the next post on questionaire)

14. Where would you normally read my blog? In bed? At your desk? On the sofa? In the office? Somewhere else...? Always in bed (or on the bed). I write on my bed too, often half-naked, as I tend to like to masturbate as I write...

15. Have you ever read my blog in public - maybe at the office, or on a bus, or in a cafe etc? If so, where? Tell me a little about it if you have, this kind of thing always excites me...No, it's a very private thing for me - most reading and writing takes place in my bedroom at times after work hours in ma office .

16. A related question to the above - even if you haven't read my blog in public, has reading my blog ever caused you to masturbate somewhere where you might be discovered (eg at work, in the rest room, at your desk etc)? I'd love to know more, if you have...I've sometimes become aroused at work, thinking about emails I've received or things I'm going to write about. Far too risky for me to masturbate at work, (IMPOSSICANT) though! lol

17. Have you ever told anyone else about my blog, so that they could share the fun, or do you prefer to keep me to yourself? I've often been tempted to tell friends about the blog, but have so far resisted the temptation.

18. Have you ever read my blog in the company of someone else (maybe your husband, or a lover, or with friends - or perhaps whilst IM-ing or on skype with someone)? If yes, was this a one-off, or something you do regularly? Yes - I always read new posts aloud to my friend, to see if they work and have the desired effect. If they make her come, I know I've written a good one )

19. Have you ever masturbated with someone else whilst you both enjoyed my blog? If so, was it enjoyable and something you'd do again, or do you prefer me to be a private pleasure of your own? If you have, tell me more...Very much so, yes, it's something I've always enjoyed doing. I very much enjoy a little mutual masturbation with my friend when sharing my stories with her, and it normally leads to fun )

20. Has reading my blog inspired you to do something sexually that you've never tried before? If so, what was it, and did you enjoy it? (I hope so!)Without the blog, I doubt I'd ever have experienced group sex, I'd always assumed it would remain a delicious fantasy. Yes, I may love it...

21.Do you use a toy to masturbate with when you read my blog, or do you prefer to use your fingers? I have used my hands against my boner in the past, and did enjoy it, but found that after a while it desensitised me. Consequently now I dont just use my hands, much nicer... though someone else's fingers is even better, of course... ;)

22. Do you ever imagine me masturbating as I write the blog? Does it make it more intense for you thinking about me that way? No, but I frequently imagine my readers masturbating to my words, and that does indeed make it very intense for me.

23. Does it arouse you to know that I masturbate as I write? And would you want to discover me like that? Would you watch me? It arouses me to know that my readers masturbate to my words - that's why I write the blog, and it remains a very powerful image for me. I would love to discover you touching yourself as you read my words, would love to watch you reach orgasm - I've always been a terrible voyeur.

24. Have you ever made up your own sexual fantasies about being with me?Nope, I make up sexual fantasies about being with my readers )

25. If you're brave enough, tell me how you like to masturbate when you're reading my words - I'd love to know how you make yourself come...I tend to start laying on my tummy, sort of rubbing myself against the bed, getting warmed up. Once I need to really get going, I'll slide my hand down to my boner, still on my tummy, stroking it a little, then will often roll onto my back, my head propped up on a pillow, my hand rhythmically stroking my erection. As I get more and more aroused, the rhythm of my fingers increases, sliding up and down my hard boner - often at this stage I'll straddle a pillow and fuck it - something about that works better for me than just my hands. As I'm about to come, and I feel my boner pulsing, my cum starting to surge, I'll slide my hand to my erection and stroke it hard and fast, until I cum delciously, my cum spurting over my fingers, often onto the pillow between my thighs. This makes for a lot of laundry, but it's fun )

26. Is filling in this questionnaire turning you on? Are you wet? Surprisingly, yes it is - I'm rubbing against the bed as I type, and I'm very erect...

27. If the answer to the above is yes, are you touching yourself right now? Yes... I've just slipped my hand down to my erection... stroking it between sentences... feels really good...

28. If so, then go with it, enjoy it, I want you to be aroused.... I very much want you to touch yourself. Tell me what you're doing right now, so that I can picture you...I've slipped astride a pillow... means I can type and masturbate at the same time... I'm fucking it slowly... rhythmically... so very erect... I can feel my boner throbbing gorgeously as I masturbate... moving my hand back down again... stroking right now... ahhh god... god that feels good... gonna need to cum soon, I think...

29. Tell me what you'd want me to do to you if I was there right now - if I was naked, and erect, and laid right next to you... tell me what I could do to make you come...I'd rather have you, my dear reader here with me... right now I'd want you to go down on me... to take my cock (boner) into your mouth... greedily licking and sucking and stroking..... and then I'd need to fuck you... long and slow... I'd want to feel you come all over my cock (boner)... fuck I need to cum...

30. Okay, enough questions, I think... I want you to come for me, right now... I'm watching you masturbate... stroking myself as I watch you... needing to fuck you... needing to slide my cock deep inside you... come for me... god please come for me... don't hold it back...stroking harder... so fucking close now... can feel my cock throbbing... so good.....I need you here... need to fuck you... need to feel your warm wet cunt slipping and sliding around my cock... ahhh fuck... need to see you cum... need to feel you cum hard all over me... ohhhh godness..... i need to cum... all over your face.... your breastss... fuckk... thats it......cumminngg...

31. mmmmm... and thank you xxx. Feel a little better for that? I hope so xmy yes lol... really needed that... wow...okay... (getting my breath back lol)... I'd love you to have a go , go have fun)

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Stranger than fiction
You may not believe this story, but every word is absolutely true. I know what you’re saying, stuff like this doesn’t happen to guys like me, but I swear it happened. Every word.

Okay, so I work with this woman. Her name is Sophia, and she’s this hot little Senegalese chick. I know for a fact that she’s in her late twenties, but you’d never guess it. She’s about five foot six, and built real small. Her skin is a really pretty light creamy color, and she has these tea cup tits that you just know would fit perfectly in your hands. Oh, and she never wears a bra, so her nipples are always hard and poking out against her shirt.

Sophia, one of the few women who work here, and all the guys are totally hot for her. But she wouldn’t give it up, even if we asked her out. She’d just toss her head, showing off her short dark hair, and blink her big brown eyes, and say no thank you. We were all going totally nuts. We all wanted to get with her, but mostly we were just dying to know if her sweet imported pussy tasted as good as we all imagined it would.

So, one Friday we’ve knocked off work early, and we’re sitting around having some beers and watching a porn flick when Sophia walks in. We all stopped while she looks around, checking out the situation. But when Donald goes to turn off the video, she stops him. “I like this one,”she says, licking her pretty lips. “Leave it on.”

Well between the porn video and Sophia licking her lips like that, you know we’ve all got huge boners. She kind of sashays in, her little tits jiggling, swaying her round ass, and we’re all drooling on the floor. She sits down between me and Ken on the couch, and before you know it, she’s got her hands on our crotches. Like I said, she’s built pretty small, so she can’t even cover either of our entire hard-ons with her hand, but she’s rubbing us and it feels great......

I take my chance and I turn towards her and we start kissing. Meanwhile, she’s undoing Ken's jeans and pulling out his dick so she can jack him off for real. She’s sucking on my tongue and making little moaning sounds. I unbuttoned her blouse so I could fondle her nipples, tweaking those pretty brown nubs as she moaned in pleasure.

Well, pretty soon Sophia’s stripped off all her clothes, and she’s lying on her back in the middle of the floor, fingering her pussy. We’re all staring at that glistening hole like it’s the only water in a desert, and she’s begging us to take off our clothes and fuck her. By this time we’ve figured out that she doesn’t want just one man, she wants all of us, and that’s fine with us, you can be sure of that.
Ken kneels beside her, and strokes her pretty hair while she opens her mouth and takes him inside. Her eyes are closed with pleasure and she looks so sexy with that big pink dick thrusting in and out of her mouth. I get between her legs and plunge into her pussy. It was like instant heaven. She was tighter than I could have imagined, her moist brown cunt lips tugging at my dick as she wrapped her slim legs around my ass, pulling me in deeper.

She was waving her hand around, so one of the other guys stepped up, and she started jerking him off. So there she was with a cock in her hand, one in her mouth, and another in her pussy. She was moaning, but you couldn’t really hear it because she wouldn’t let Ken take his dick out of her mouth, but I could feel her pussy clenching at my dick every time she came, soaking me with her spicy, hot juices.

Finally, Ken and the guy in her hand came, and I pushed forward, filling her with my cum. A few more guys took our places, and we watched that exotic beauty taking them on three at a time. By the time I was hard again, Sophia said she wanted to get fucked in the ass, and asked if I would do the honors. Was she kidding? I was dying to get inside that beautiful brown pucker. I licked it, getting her nice and wet, and then pushed inside, inch by inch.

Sophia was sucking another guy off while I fucked her ass, my balls bouncing against her juicy clit, and she was rubbing herself. I lost track of how many orgasms she had, and even how many times she got fucked, but it didn’t matter. By the time all of us were too worn out to go on, Sophia was lying on the floor, cum oozing from her pussy and ass, and a huge smile of pleasure on her face. “Thank you,” she said. “That was lovely.”

Like I said, you might not believe it. But truth is stranger than fiction, after all.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Tell Me what you need.......

Hi you xx

I've just got back from a long weekend away, so.................

For now though, I'm eager for a little playtime with you, and I think it's probably time for a little audience participation - I feel like being pampered for a change...

We haven't done this for a while, and I've always wanted this site to be as much a playground for you as it is for me, a place where you can explore your most intimate fantasies... where you can express yourself sexually in a way you never could in the real world... so here's a question for you...

tell me how you want me to fuck you...

You know how very much I want know I write these words just for you excite arouse make you come...

and you know how much I love to make you come...

so tell me...tell me how you want me to fuck you...tell me what I can do to bring you to intense, delightful orgasm...

be as explicit as you please, take up loads of space in the comments, I don't mind at all, this is your post tonight...take a little time and imagine me right there with you... touch yourself as you think about me... do it for me now..

ahhh that's it...slip your fingers down between your thighs and masturbate for me, right now... thinking about the two of us together...

I'm right next to you, and I want you... my cock is so very erect, and you know I'll do anything you please... you know how much I want to make you come... and you know how much I need to cum too...

and when you know what you want... when you have a picture in your mind of what you need from me... when you're so wet that if you think about it much longer, you're going to come...right at that point, write me a comment... tell me how wet you are, tell me what you want from me, tell me how you need me to fuck you... and don't be shy, I think these comments are going to be delightfully hot, so be as dirty as you please, let's arouse each other...

but don't go rushing to the comments just yet... just keep stroking yourself until you're intensely turned on... keep touching yourself for me...

ohhh just like that...don't stop... I want it to feel really good...

you know I'm watching you now... you know how much it arouses me to see you like this... to watch you masturbate for me... god I'm so erect... stroking myself as I type...

I don't want you to comment until you're really close to orgasm... I want to know what'll make you come... I want you to be so wet that you'll tell me anything... don't stop touching yourself as you write the comment for me... I want you to be masturbating as you write, just as I am right now... if you need to cum whilst you're writing it, please go right ahead... just tell me what you want... let's try and make this these the most intense comments on the site, and I'll reply to each of you individually and explicitly.......

I want you to cum for me tonight.........

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Re-Black Royalty


Fantasy Queen speaks: "I got this is my mail some years back, i just love to go back and read it and smile proudly as I nod my head to the brothers response to this letter.....its a white women's opinion of black women in an article written to sister 2 sister magazine and a request for response from black men, I'm so glad she got what she asked for (and more)!!! i'm not a racist, I don’t discriminate...but you just gotta root for your own sometimes yeah?...hope you enjoy it as much as I did.(and em'...extremely long i know, but well worth the read)"

Dear Jamie,
I'm sorry but I would like to challenge some of your Black male readers. I am a White female who is engaged to a Black male-good-looking, educated and loving. I just don't understand a lot of Black female's attitudes about our relationship.

My man decided he wanted me because the pickings amongst Black women were slim to none. As he said they were too fat, too loud, too mean, too argumentative, too needy, too materialistic or carrying too much excess baggage.

Before I became engaged, whenever I went out I was constantly approached by Black men, willing to wine and dine me and give me the world. If Black women are so up in arms about us being with their men, why don't they look at themselves and make some changes.

I am tired of the dirty looks I get and snide remarks when we're out in public. I would like to hear from some Black men about why we are so appealing and coveted by them.

Bryant Gumbel just left his wife of 26 years for one of us Charles Barkley, Scottie Pippen, the model Tyson Beckford, Montell Williams, Quincy Jones, James Earl Jones, Harry Belafonte, Sydney Poitier, Kofi Anan, Cuba Gooding Jr., Don Cornelius, Berry Gordy, Billy Blanks, Larry Fishburne, Wesley Snipes...

I could go on and on. But, right now, I'm a little angry and that is why I wrote this so hurriedly. Don't be mad with us White women because so many of your men want us. Get your acts together and learn from us and we may lead you to treat your men better. If I'm wrong, Black men, let me know.

Disgusted White Girl, Somewhere in VA


Dear Jamie,
I would like to respond to the letter written by A Disgusted White Girl. Let me start by saying that I am a 28-year old black man. I graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in Atlanta, Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management. I have a good job at a major corporation and have recently purchased a house. So, I consider myself to be among the ranks of successful black men.

I will not use my precious time to slander white people. I just want to set the record straight of why black men date white women. Back in the day, one of the biggest reasons why black men dated white women was because they were considered easy.

The black girls in my neighborhood were raised in the church. They were very strict about when they lost their virginity and who they lost it to. Because of our impatience to wait, brothers would look for someone who would give it up easy without too much hassle. So, they turned to the white girls.Nowadays, in my opinion, a lot of brothers date white women because they are docile and easy to control. A lot of black men, because of insecurities, fears, and overall weaknesses, have become intimidated by the strength of our black women. We are afraid that our woman will be more successful than us, make more money than us, drive nicer cars and own bigger houses. Because of this fear, many black men look for a more docile woman. Someone we can control.

I have talked to numerous black men and they continuously comment on how easy it is to control and walk over their white women. I just want to set the record straight. I want A Disgusted White Girl to know that not all successful black men date white women.

Brothers like Ahmad Rashad, Denzel Washington, Michael Jordan, Morris Chestnut, Will Smith, Blair Underwood, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, Samuel L. Jackson, and Chris Rock all married strong black women And, to flip the script, there are numerous white men, in and out of the spot light, who openly or secretly desire black women over white women. Ted Danson, Robert DeNiro, and David Bowie to name a few.

I just don't want a disgusted white girl to be misinformed Stop thinking that because you are white that you are some type of goddess. Remember, when black Egyptian Queens like Hatsepshut and Nitorcris were ruling Dynasties and armies of men in Egypt, you were over in the caves of Europe eating raw meat and beating each other over the head with clubs. Read your history!

It was the black woman that taught you how to cook and season your food. It was the black woman that taught you how to raise your children. It was black women who were breast feeding and raising your babies during slavery.

It is the black woman that had to endure watching their fathers, husbands, and children beaten, killed, and thrown in jail. Black women were born with two strikes against them: being black and being a woman. And, through all this, Still They Rise!

It is because of the black women's strength, elegance, power, love and beauty that I could> never> date anyone except my black Queen. It is not just the outer beauty that captivates and draws me to them. It is not the fact that they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and shades that I love them. Their inner beauty is what I find most appealing about black women. Their strong spirit, loving and nurturing souls, their integrity, their ability to overcome great obstacles, their willingness to stand for what they believe in, and their determination to succeed and reach their highest potential while enduring great pain and suffering is why I have fallen in love with black women.

I honestly believe that your anger is geared more toward jealousy and envy more so than snotty looks. If this were not so, then why do you continuously go to tanning salons to darken your skin? If you are so proud to be white, then why don't you just be happy with your pale skin? Why do you continue to inject your lips, hips, and breasts with unnatural and dangerous substances so you can look fuller and more voluptuous?I think that your anger is really a result of you wanting to have what the black woman has.

BOTTOM LINE: If I were looking for a docile woman, someone I can walk over and control, I would give you a call. But, unfortunately, I am looking for a Virtuous Woman. Someone that can be a good wife and mother to my children.

Someone who can be my best friend and understands my struggle. I am looking for a soul mate. I am looking for a sister and; unfortunately, you do not and CANNOT fit the bill.

No offense taken, none given.

Black Royalty
hope y'all African queens are doing the chicken dance after reading this...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Shit mEn Do

The 1st Affair:
A married man was having an affair with his secretary. One day they went her place and made love all afternoon. Exhausted, they fell asleep and woke up at8 PM. The man hurriedly dressed and told his lover to take his shoes outside and rub them in the grass and dirt. He put on his shoes and drove home."Where have you been?" his wife demanded."I can't lie to you," he replied, "I'm having an affair with my secretary. We had sex all afternoon.""You lying bastard! You've been playing golf!" pLS, LOL!!!
The 2nd Affair:
A middle-aged couple had two beautiful daughters but always talked about having a son. They decided to try one last time for the son they always wanted. The wife got pregnant and delivered a healthy babyboy. The joyful father rushed to the nursery to see his new son. He was horrified at the ugliest child he had ever seen. He told his wife, "There's no way I can be the father of this baby. Look at the two beautiful daughters Ifathered! Have you been fooling around behind myback?"The wife smiled sweetly and replied, "Not this time!"
The 3rd Affair:
A mortician was working late one night. He examined the body of Mr. Morris, about to be cremated, and made a startling discovery. Morris hadthe largest private part he had ever seen!"I'm sorry Mr. Morris," the mortician commented, "I can't allow you to be cremated with such an impressive private part. It must be saved for posterity."So, he removed it, stuffed it into his briefcase, and took it home."I have to show you something you won't believe," he said to his wife, opening his briefcase."My God!" the wife exclaimed, "Morris is dead?!?!"
The 4th Affair:
A woman was in bed with her lover when she heard her husband opening the front door."Hurry," she said, "stand in the corner."She rubbed baby oil all over him, and then dusted him with talcum powder."Don't move until I tell you," she said. "Pretend you're a statue.""What's this?" the husband inquired as he entered the room."Oh it's a statue." she replied. "The Smith's bought one and I liked it so much I got one for us, too."No more was said, not even when they went to bed. Around 2 AM the husband got up, went to the kitchen and returned with a sandwich and a beer."Here," he said to the statue, "have this. I stood like that for two days at the Smith's and nobody offered me a damned thing."
The 5th Affair:
A man walked into a cafe, went to the bar and ordered a beer."Certainly, Sir, that'll be one cent.""One Cent?" the man thought. He glanced at the menu and asked, "How much for a nice juicy steak and a bottle of wine?""A nickel," the barman replied."A nickel?" exclaimed the man. "Where's the guy who owns this place?"The bartender replied, "Upstairs, with my wife."The man asked, "What's he doing upstairs with your wife?"The bartender replied,"The same thing I'm doing to his business down here."
The 6th Affair:
Jake was dying. His wife sat at the bedside.He looked up and said weakly, "I have something I must confess.""There's no need to," his wife replied."No," he insisted, "I want to die in peace. I slep twith your sister, your best friend, her best friend, and your mother!""I know, I know," she replied. "Now just rest and let the poison work.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stewardess Handjob

A couple of dayz back, I was on a late flight to SA, and everyone else on the plane seemed to have fallen asleep. I had had my eye on one of the stewardesses ( forget d airline company) , a beautiful piece of ass. Her name tag, pinned right above her perky tits, read Aisha. Her hair was pulled back in a bun, but I could tell that if she ever let it down, it would have hung all the way down to her firm ass.

She stopped by my seat to see if I needed anything.

“Nothing but you,” I said.

Aisha looked me up and down, her large brown eyes pausing to examine the prominent bulge in my pants. I moved my hand down to my lap, holding my fingers so they framed my dick, which was getting harder and harder the longer she looked at it. She glanced quickly around the plane and then slipped into the empty seat beside me.

“Okay,” she whispered, her warm tongue darting into my ear. “But I don’t have long.” She unzipped my pants and started pumping my rapid lyrising schlong with her hand. I reached over and kissed her as I worked the skirt of her uniform up around her slender waist.

Fortunately for me, she was wearing stockings instead of pantyhose, so I just moved the crotch of her panties to the side and started fingering her pussy. She was already sopping wet, and I figured it would be pretty easy to make her come.

I kind of wanted Aisha to suck my cock, but she wasn’t doing a bad job just jerking me off. She was pretty petite, so she was using both her hands, one around my shaft and the other wrapped around my dickhead. Mostly she was jerking them together, but sometimes she’d slide one down and the other up, squishing the skin of my cock together and making me moan.

I was trying hard to keep the noise down so no one would wake up and discover us, but I was so turned on that it was hard. By that time I had two fingers inside Aisha’s pussy and was finger-fucking her, rubbing her clit with my thumb as I screwed my fingers in and out. She kept coming, her tight cunt squeezing my fingers with each thrust. At the same time, she kept running her hands up and down my pole faster and faster.

Reaching down with my free hand, I started to play with my balls. Since my prick is pretty big, I often have to do that when a woman is jerking me off, so I didn’t mind. Having my hands and Aisha’s on my cock at the same time felt really hot, especially the way she kept sticking her tongue in my mouth and moaning as she came.

Well, she must have come about thirty times, and I finally figured it was time for me to drain my snake. I pulled back for a second from her mouth, concentrating on the way her hands were tugging at my pud, feeling my balls start to rise up against my own fingers.

“I’m gonna come,” I whispered. Aisha didn’t need any encouragement; she just bent right over and sucked my dick into her mouth. Her pussy had been incredibly tight and wet and hot, but her mouth was even more so, and she was swirling her tongue around my cockhead when I unleashed the hot cum from my balls.

Aisha slurped at my prick as I emptied my load into her willing mouth.When I was finished, she leaned up and kissed me. I was surprised when she dripped a little of my own spunk into my mouth, but I didn’tmind at all. I thought it was pretty sexy.

Without a word, Aisha stood, adjusted her uniform neatly, and headed back to work. When we arrived at the airport a few hours later, she gave me a soft wink as she bid me goodbye and asked if I had had a pleasant flight. I told her I would definitely be flying with her again. Na 'real' wa o.