Sunday, February 10, 2008

Special Occasion


Lady-D usually only let me bone her in the ass on special occasions, my birthday, Valentine’s Day, things like that. So when I came home and she was lying on the bed with a tube of lube, her ass already greased up and well fingered, I was kind of surprised, but I wasn’t about to turn it down. I took the lube and greased up my dick and slid it into her asshole. It usually took a while to work myself in to the balls, but she was pretty turned on and it was as easy as fucking her pussy.

Keeping my cock inside her ass, Lady-D moved up onto her hands and knees so I could slide even deeper inside her. She’s got a great cunt, but nothing compares to the incredible tight tunnel of her asshole. I slid back and forth, my balls getting wet from bumping against her slit, my cockhead throbbing each time I pushed forward. I didn’t last long, I was so turned on that I felt my balls rising after we’d only been fucking for a few minutes. I groaned and let my load spurt into her asshole, painting her bowels with my cum.

“Lick my ass,” Lady-D said, wiggling her butt in my face as I pulled my softening prick out of her asshole. She had never asked me to do that before, but I eagerly went to work, sliding my tongue into her anus and sucking out my cum. Her ass tasted slightly sweet in contrast to my salty cum. I wiggled my tongue inside her until she came as I rubbed her clit.

After that, it was back to regular sex for a while, and I had never figured out what the special occasion was. I came home from work one night a little early, and found Lady-D masturbating in bed. I’d walked in on her before, but this time instead of having her vibrator inside her pussy, it was deep inside her ass, buzzing away as she moaned.

As you can imagine, my dick got instantly hard as I watched her, but I didn’t know what to do. She opened her eyes and smiled at me. “Are you just going to stand there or are you going to fuck my ass?” she asked.

I was ready, I tore off my clothes and lay on top of her, kissing her and rubbing her tits, my hard cock bumping against her wet cunt. I could feel the vibrator buzzing inside her ass as my cockhead slid into her pussy. I fucked her like that, getting my cock nice and juicy, and then I went down on her. Lady-D moaned loudly as I licked her clit and the vibrator stimulated her ass. When she came, I pulled out the vibrator and plunged my prick into her ass.

The vibe had made her ass even hotter than usual, and it felt like warm liquid around my cock. I held her ankles as we fucked, Lady-D pushing back against me and begging me to give it to her harder and harder. I was loving every second of it, I was very happy she had finally really gotten into anal. “Come in my ass!” Lady -D begged, so Idid, thrusting forward and moving my hips in a circle as I emptied my boiling balls deep inside her asshole.

As she had last time, she asked me to tongue her ass, which I did happily, enjoying the taste of her cunt and her ass mixed with my cum. Now every time we have sex it’s a special occasion.

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