Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Doing Laundry

I had just finished toiling over my dirty clothes at the laundrycare, and had piled my stuff together to take home. I live only a few blocks away, and usually walk when it is as nice outside as it was last night.

I must have looked like I was overloaded, carrying my laundry, because a car pulled over next to me. “Do you want a ride?” said the girl behind the seat of the purple VW Bug. Well, who am I to say no, right? So I got in her car. “Thanks,” I said, not thinking of much else appropriate at the time. She said, “I’m Gina –where are we going?”

I gave her my address and of course within moments we had arrived. Gina asked if she could help carry anything. Well, it seemed to me like she was already carrying herself really well. Pretty face, sandy blond hair, a white t-shirt and denim mini-skirt, she looked pretty nice, looked like one of those rig ladies. But, who am I to say no, right? So she carried a few of my shirts.

Walking up the stairs, I could have sworn I didn’t see any panties under- neath her skirt, not that I was looking or anything. Hmmmm…… Well, we got into my apartment and she set my stuff down.“There you go.” Not thinking of much else to say at the moment, but wanting to leave things open, I said, “Thanks. What can I do to thank you?”

Well, if her nipples swelling under her t-shirt weren’t enough of a give- a way, she said, “I’m sure you can think of something.” And with that her eyes made their way down to my crotch. This having been laundry night, I was just wearing a t-shirt and running shorts….shorts that by now weren’t doing a very good job of concealing a hard-on.

As her eyes returned to mine, she suddenly embraced me with a passionate kiss. As her tongue probed my mouth, I thought again, well, who am I to say no, right? This might be fun. And I returned the thought with as much enthusiasm as I could muster.

As my hands wandered her body, I discovered quickly that my earlier observation had been correct–no underwear of any form. This girl had obviously had something in mind when she stopped her car. Fine with me.
Soon I had removed what clothes she was wearing, and stopped to admire her 36C breasts with huge nipples.

The rest of her body was mighty nice, too. I really wanted to suck her breasts, but she stopped me to remove my clothes first. Well, that didn’t take long either. And so there I was, standing in my apartment totally naked with a girl I had met just 10 minutes before. In fact, Port Harcourt dey hot o........

She was obviously studying my body, too. “9ija, huh?” she asked, my circumsized dick being probably the last clue anyone needs to figure that out about me. “Yup.” Gina replied,“Well, I hope my pussy is kosher, then!” With that, she dragged me to the bed, and motioned for me to lay down. Who am I to say no? I wasnt even considering that......for ur info.

She immediately mounted my face with her lucious pussy. I eagerly started to suck on her clitoris and anything else my tongue could reach. I lifted my hands up to feel her breasts, and they were as nice as I thought. Very perky. Gina started moaning, and started rubbing her clit as I ate her pussy. But as hot as I was, I wanted equal treatment. “Eat me” I commanded.

So Gina flipped around into 69 position, and immediately engulfed my .........inches. Nobody had ever deep throated me like she was doing before, and it certainly was a turn-on for both of us. I worried for a second that my slimy neighbor would hear our moans of passion and call the cops. But thoughts of the beautiful love box on my mouth brought me back to the more important reality of the situation.

Soon Gina’s moans got louder, and I knew it was time. With two words, she verified my thoughts: “Fuck me!” Fine with me

I got a condom out of my drawer (”Ribbed for her pleasure”), and quickly rolled it on. A few last laps at her snatch, and I was ready. She got back on the bed, and I teased her for a few seconds by not quite entering her. This got me a few moans, and the next time I started in I was forced from behind. This got a few moans from _both of us_.

I thrusted deeply and quickly, and soon Gina was obviously nearing orgasm. I started to nibble her ear, and this sent her over. Her moans were almost screams, and I was sure everyone else in the building could hear us now.

Boy, was I going to get some looks! And almost as quickly as her first orgasm subsided, she seemed to be building another. It was time for me as well, though Gina’s second seemed to be more important to her at the moment, the way her nails were digging into my back. And as she finished, she commanded “Now”, so I did. And suddenly, with one last thrust, it was over.

After a few minutes of recovery, Gina got up and put on what clothes she had with her. She wrote down her phone number, and said, “Next time you do laundry, give me a call!” I'm yet to recover.......Happy Valentine's day in advance!!!

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